Jul 032014
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Progression Update 7.3.14

We still could be tinkering around in fourth wave territory, but it looks as though the bulls may have finally decided to start working on the fifth wave of black  3 this morning.  To keep the continuity between charts, I put the larger degree count in red so it is easy to find on the […continue reading…]

Jun 272014
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DJIA Focus 6.27.14

Yesterday the DJIA put in a sequence (highlighted in blue) that hints at a more extended move in that direction.  The simplest retrace would be back towards the ATH’s in wave black B of a flat retracing a minimum of 90% of wave black A.  A combination correction in blue would be the least likely […continue reading…]

Jun 262014
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I’m going to try a new format over here since I feel the space is getting under utilized.   Each morning I’ll toss up a 60min chart with an updated count to map the  progression on this long strange trip we’re in.  SPX appears to have put in three down into yesterday’s open and is now […continue reading…]

Jun 102014
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MMMMMM, Diagonals

I’ve been tracking a diagonal in the Dow Jones Industrials for what seems like forever, and finally two other markets decided to join in the fun, NYSE Composite and the S&P 500.   All three markets have clear invalidation points to the upside for the current wave and plenty of room to work in both […continue reading…]

May 132014
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It’s been a long sloppy mess the past few months as anyone trying to trade anything but the range has been slapped around.  Markets yesterday put in a breakout move higher finally, but until there is some proof of strength it would be very wise for the bulls to be cautious.  A few terminal structures […continue reading…]

Mar 302014
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Welcome To Fourth Wave Purgatory

You can check out, but you can never leave…….  Well, I guess you can, but how are you supposed to make any money?  This week will mark the one month point of this anticipated fourth wave.  This week will likely be more of the same with choppy sideways price action in the range that we’ve […continue reading…]